Client Agreement

Inactive Client account

Client account will be considered as inactive if the client does not trade for period of 30 days. Calculation will be done at the beginning of every month and those clients who have not traded even a single time will be considered as inactive. the shares/ credit ledger balance if any will be transferred to the client within one week of the identifying the client as inactive. The client has to make written request for reactivation of their account.

Trading in Exchange is in Electronic Mode. based on VSAT. leased line, ISDN, Modem and VPN, combination of technologies( Our Software name) and computer systems to place and route orders. I/we understand that there exists a possibility of communication failure or system problems or slow or delayed response from system or trading halt or any break down in our back office/ front end system, or any such other problems/glitch whereby not being able to establish access to the trading system / network, which may be beyond your control and may result in delay in processing or not processing buy or sell Orders either in part or in full. I / We shall be fully liable and responsible for any such problem/fault.

Regarding Inactive / Dormant Accounts

In case of trading account / Demat Account the term dormant/Inactive account refers to such account wherein no transactions have been carried out since last 30 (Days) and does not have any outstanding position in Forex market.

To ensure complete security of Client Accounts and assets, a list of inactive clients shall be prepared from the back office software on the last day of every month and shall be submitted to the concerned department after confirmation with the management. The management will approve a final list of inactive clients.

The concerned department shall mark the client status as “inactive” or “dormant” in front/back office software.

The Dormant accounts identified based on the above criteria shall be flagged as such in company's record. Company reserves the right to freeze/deactivate such account and refuse to Permit to carry out any fresh transactions in such account.

The clients account would be reactivated only after undertaking proper due diligence process and fulfillment of such conditions as may be deemed fit, in the cases where the account is freezed / deactivated.

Reactivation of Client Accounts

Dormant account or inactive client account will be activated on the request of Head Office Compliance officer /Branch Manager / Regional Head / Sub broker / Remissier / Authorized person , on the completion of the following documents and letter from the respective client. The duly signed documents along with necessary annexure should be forwarded to the KYC department for reactivation and KYC Team will request to ADMIN team for the reactivation in Front end and back end software. Clients can get such accounts only reactivated by placing a reactivation request and submitting below mentioned documents.

Documents required for Account Reactivation:

  • Account Reactivation Form
  • Financial Proof (list of Valid Income Proof is mentioned below)
  • Authorization for Running Account